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When you’re craving quiet moments away from the stress of life, our soothing and enticing aromatic PEACE Vanilla Essence Sugar Scrub offers just the remedy. Created with the purest ingredients to offer the perfect blend of balanced exfoliation that gently renews skin cells and delivers the perfect amount of long lasting lightweight moisture. Your skin will be hydrated, glowing and supple to the touch.

Certified organic pure cane sugar along with certified organic coconut and sunflower oils combine with pure almond oil, vitamin E oil and certified organic, kosher certified non-GMO soy lecithin. Blended with our PEACE Herbal Tea which contains Organic Chamomile flowers, organic Spearmint, organic Lavender flowers, organic Cinnamon bark, organic Passionflower, and organic Rose petals.

Scented with PEACE, this aromatic blend gently calms and warms the senses while offering a chance to de-stress. Completely free of synthetic fragrances, with hints of spice, citrus and earthiness, our perfect blend combines organic Mandarin, Peppermint Chocolate and Clove essential oils with an all-natural plant based vanilla spice fragrance derived solely from natural, raw botanical sources along with essential oils Patchouli, Peru Balsam and Bergamot. Added touches of organic vanilla and milk chocolate flavor oils leave your senses comforted with the warm and fragrant scent of vanilla and spice.

Breathe in deeply and let your heart be filled with PEACE and reflections of warm and quiet moments.


*Coconut Oil, *Pure Cane Sugar, *Sunflower Oil, 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil, *Peace Herbal Tea (*Chamomile flowers, *Spearmint, *Lavender flowers, *Cinnamon bark, *Passionflower, and *Rose petals), *Vanilla Flavor, *Chocolate Flavor, *Mandarin Essential Oil, Plant Based Vanilla Spice Fragrance, *Peppermint Chocolate Essential Oil, *Clove Bud Essential Oil, *Kosher Lecithin Powder, Kosher Certified Soy and Non-GMO mixed tocopherols. Learn more about our ingredients here

*Certified Organic Ingredients

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